Annual Program 2017

The activities of the multilateral research group “The Maghreb in Transition” comprise three workshops and one conference in 2017. The major focus of our workshops will be on discussing and advancing our research papers which will be published in a joint publication by the end of 2017. Further details will be timely released before each […]

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Call for Papers

Liminality on the Rainbow: the multiple shades of transition in times of social upheaval Place: Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines, University of Sousse Time: NEW – 31.3.- 1.4.2017 (old: 1.-2.4.2017) (a detailed schedule will follow soon) Due Date for Abstracts: 15.2.2017 The DAAD research group “The Maghreb in Transition: Media, Knowledge and Power” […]

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