Workshop & Round Table “(Un-)Writing the Maghreb”

(Un-)Writing the Maghreb

The Poetics & Geopolitics of Academic Writing in/on Morocco and Tunisia


Place: Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of Sousse
November 17th to 18th

Abstract: Alluding to George Marcus and James Clifford’s seminal study “Writing Culture” (1986), the present workshop seeks to sensitize and remind us that academic writing is not a mere representation of reality, but a textual practice that is profoundly shaped by discursive rules, non-discursive regulations, material settings, political conditions, social norms and literary conventions. Reflecting on these general insights, the workshop intends to weigh the particular conditions that have shaped the geopolitics of academic writing in/on Morocco and Tunisia during the last years: who are its most important actors? Who are its publishers? Who are its intended readers? How do these institutional and non-institutional actors structure and shape the process of academic textual production in/on the two countries?

The workshop is opened by a round table discussion with Prof. Dr. Taoufiq Sakhkhane (Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University Fes) and Prof. Dr. Mounir Saidani (University of Tunis El Manar) tackling the contemporary situation of academic writing and publishing in Tunisia and Morocco. The discussion is followed by a hands-on workshop conducted by Dr. Sabrina Sontheimer (LMU University of Munich, Writing Centre). This hands-on part represents the major focus of this workshop. Its objective is to scrutinize the papers of its participants by conveying them the dos and don’ts of academic writing in English, tackling issues like the writing process (developing ideas, structuring, writing, revising), differentiating topic, research question, thesis, overall structure and outline, paragraphing, style and typical mistakes.

While the attendance to the round-table discussion is open to everybody, places for the hands-on part are limited. For participation, please get in touch with Dr. Ben Amara (, Dr. El Maaourf (, or Dr. des. Hamid ( in advance.

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