Panel Announcement “New forms of youth activism in Tunisia”

Place: Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of Sousse
May 11th to 12st

This panel deals with youth activism in Tunisia after 2011. As the youth were significant actors in Tunisia’s revolution, the following years were marked by their steady disengagement from public life, exposing their disillusion and disappointment with a political class dominated by old people. However, the last few years witnessed a resurgence of youth activism in new forms, primary among them: the campaign. This panel invites two activists from two of the most prominent campaigns in the recent period: Fech nestannaw (lit.: What are we waiting for?) and Manich msameh (lit.: “I will not forgive”). The talk will investigate the new strategies and protest forms adopted by these young activists, as well as the broader significance of these movements as a new manifestation of youth’s political participation in Tunisia after its revolution.

The event is financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the German Foreign Office within the framework of its transformation partnership program “Change by Exchange” (

For further information and participation contact Dr. Aberrahmane Yaalaoui (


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