Panel Announcement: ‘Hirak al-Rif and the Jerada protests’

The current state of social movements and human rights in Morocco

Place: Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of Sousse

Date: May 11th to 12st

What is the Moroccan Rif Movement? Where is it heading? Where could it be leading to? And what role are human rights playing in this?

The panel will focus on the current state of social movements and human rights in Morocco. The demands of Hirak al-Rif and the Jerada protests, as well as the responses those movements are facing, will be debated. Furthermore, the question how these movements are connected to human rights issues in general will be a central topic. It is an attempt to discuss the relevance of those protests well beyond the Rif region.

We will review these questions together with two human rights activists who are working with the Moroccan Association of Human Rights in Rabat and are pleased to welcome Samira Bouhia and Issam Benkarroum in this regard.

The panel is financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds of the German Foreign Office within the framework of the Transformation Partnership Program “Change by Exchange”.

For further information, please contact Lukas Mellinger (

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